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Till Death Do Us Part by Amanda-the-hegehog Till Death Do Us Part :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 6 1 Crystal shy by Amanda-the-hegehog Crystal shy :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 3 0 Thank by Amanda-the-hegehog Thank :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 4 1 genderbent Garra by Amanda-the-hegehog genderbent Garra :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 2 0 Base!! here you go by Amanda-the-hegehog Base!! here you go :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 3 and Insane Laughter by Amanda-the-hegehog and Insane Laughter :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 5 0 Traver!! I Ship It!!! by Amanda-the-hegehog Traver!! I Ship It!!! :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 2 0 Itty Bittie Sheet Number 1 by Amanda-the-hegehog Itty Bittie Sheet Number 1 :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 4 0 No Matter Where One Goes, We Shall Find Each Other by Amanda-the-hegehog No Matter Where One Goes, We Shall Find Each Other :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 0 Standing in the hall of fame by Amanda-the-hegehog Standing in the hall of fame :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 0 Lets Be Rockstars Babe by Amanda-the-hegehog Lets Be Rockstars Babe :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 0 genderbent!! (naty x adam) Nadam by Amanda-the-hegehog genderbent!! (naty x adam) Nadam :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 0 0 amanda and fem! G!s by Amanda-the-hegehog amanda and fem! G!s :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 2 Lets Just Hangout!! by Amanda-the-hegehog Lets Just Hangout!! :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 3 6 Lets Just Hangout!! (WIP) by Amanda-the-hegehog Lets Just Hangout!! (WIP) :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 2 2 (WIP) say hi bella by Amanda-the-hegehog (WIP) say hi bella :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 0 0
Some drawings and stories

( can someone teach me on. How to copy and paste bases onto denviant art muro ( the drawing devision)?? And how to post a story??)


Secret (Levi X Shifter!Reader)
“Cadet (Last Name),” a regal voice called out to you while you were in the stables tending to your golden stallion, who you so affectionately named ‘Sundance’. You were preparing to go off on a quick mission, being the last member of Levi's team who hadn’t been killed by the Female Titan. You paused in grooming your horse companion as you turned to find Commander Erwin approaching you, squad leaders Mike and Levi walking behind on either sides of him. You quickly dropped the brush into the bucket of horse care products then stood up straight and saluted your superiors.
“Cadet (Name) (Last Name), sir!” you called out confidently with full respect, “How may I be of service to you, Commander Smith?"
It was at this moment that you noticed something about Levi. His expression was empty, as always, but his eyes... They were saying something, trying to tell you something. Telling you to leave.
Your eyes widened as several Military Police soldier
:iconfiammajoule:FiammaJoule 488 64
LevixPrincess!Reader: Epilogue
4 years. 4 years after your 16th birthday and your first meeting with Levi. You trained hard, and excelled, your skills in taking down titans only rivalled by Levi. While Levi was insanely fast, so were you, and your skill with the 3DMG surpassed his. On your down time you were always found surrounded by the disassembled parts of your gear. You made modifications where you could without getting in trouble, telling Erwin just what you were doing so no punishment was given for tampering with gear that should not have been. Speaking of 3DMG and being surrounded by parts, that was exactly how Levi found you, slumped over a half finished modification and fast asleep, motor oil smeared across your cheek and coloring your hands an ashy black. Levi strides into your room, a tray full of food perched on one hand while he closes the door with the other. He sets it down on a small table not covered in stuff and scowls at the current state of the room.
"Tch. Shitty brat." Levi sits in front of you
:iconpurplesauris:purplesauris 32 5
Jack Frost x WaterSpirit!Reader
You'd always been different from the other kids in the life before you were the Spirit of Water, even now when you occasionally ran into one of the guardians. You were flighty and a bit unfocused, but you were sweet and bubbly, and most people liked you. You were lithe and graceful, as water was, your skin almost transparent, sparkling in the sun. A long gown hung off one shoulder and curved over your hips, the soft blue silk flowing like water to pool around your bare feet, trailing behind you as you floated across the ground. Your hair was (h/l) , and floated around you as if suspended in water. Your (h/c) hair nicely matched your (e/c) eyes, contrasting against the transparency of your skin and the blue of your dress. Being the Water Spirit you looked after all the water on Earth, making it rain where needed and the occasional storms and tsunamis. You worked with the other spirits as much as was needed, but when it came down to it there was only one person/spirit that really caught
:iconpurplesauris:purplesauris 177 27
Neliel x MaleReader
Reader's pov
You were laying on the sand with your eyes shut when you sudden felt something land on your stomach. You instantly opened your eyes and saw that little Nel was sitting on your stomach.
"Nel?" You said
"Look ___" She said "It's Ichiwo"
Nel pointed to the side which caused you to lazily look towards the orange haired boy who was accompained by a black haired girl. They were both in the distance. Nel got off your stomach with a smile.
"I'm gonna go say hi" She said
Poff. A whole lot of smoke surround Nek. When the smoke cleared you saw that Nel was now Big Nel. Before you could say anything Nel had run off.
"Ife of the GUardian" You muttered
You got to your feet and dusted yourself off before you followed Nel. She went up behind the orange haired boy and covered his eyes.
"Guess who?" She said
"Oh" He said "Shit"
She uncovered his eyes before he, and the girl, turned towards her.
"Hey, Ichigo" Nel said
"Nel" He said
The black haired girl was about to say something but Nel gla
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 46 3
Soundless Voice (Black Star x Reader) [Prologue]
(Inspired by: [Soundless Voice])
(Songstamp: [Decretum])
If you look out to the darkness, there is always the stars.
The stars are the voice of the sky. Silent, yet so much meaning
You ran over the where your fallen meister lay, as she had defended you.
"W-What.. What are you doing..? Get out of here..!"
You shook your head with tears in your eyes. Kyoko was your best and only friend.
"There's no way! I'd never leave you all alone! Y-You know that!"
Your meister got herself up off the floor, slowly, but assuredly. The cut that the witch made was deep. Deep enough that you could see one of her bones. She was already tainted with the crimson that was her blood, not to mention the blood of yours and your group. You had come to fight this witch with a team, but the demon that she was, she took them all out. If you hadn't gotten lost,
:iconswordsnipersinon:SwordSniperSinon 34 11
DtKXSuicidal!Reader Part 2
Part Two of Two for sonicbunny101
Story by lilacgiraffe

You pull yourself out of the bed and you walk to the bathroom. Shivering in your night clothes, you decide to take a bath. You watch as the water pours from the faucet and begin getting undressed. You step into the tub, eyeing the razor Kid must have left on the side. You shake your head and instead decide on dunking your head under the water. You hold yourself in that limbo, screaming bubbles out until you have nothing left to scream. You hold yourself under for a little longer, waiting for an odd darkness to creep into your vision. You surface, gasping for air, waiting for the spots to leave your eyes. 
The razor isn't a bad idea, you know. 
You shiver as the water around you turns cold. Maybe, that voice is right. You reach your shaking hand out to brush the cold metal. 
You're so close.
There was a knock on the door of the bathroom. 
"(Y/n)?" Kid
:iconlilacgiraffe:lilacgiraffe 215 88
Part One of Two for sonicbunny101
Story by lilacgiraffe

Running. Always running. No time for anything or anyone. You knew time was running out. You were so close to a sanctuary. You knew it. You could feel it! Keep running!
You felt something hit your ankle and you fell to the ground, hard. 
You have to keep running.
You writhe on the ground, trying to get up but avoid the attacks. 
You're so close.
You struggle to your knees and hands, cringing as you feel the bite of arrows into your back. You can see the doors to the school and sweaty black locks of hair, you begin crawling. 
"Ah, ah, ah~" a wicked voice objects and you feel something heavy crash onto your back. You shout out in pain as the woman's feet dig into your skin and tears rush down your face. "Poor baby~" she coos, stepping off of you and flipping you unceremoniously onto your back. You watch in horror as an arrow appears o
:iconlilacgiraffe:lilacgiraffe 217 38
Crona X Witch!Reader ~Safe~
Crona X Witch!Reader  ~Safe~
"I-I don't know how to deal with this, (y/n).." the shy boy muttered wrapping his arms around you shaking form. 
You gripped his coat tightly between your slender fingers, as if it was your lifeline. "I don't either, Crona. But just for today, maybe we can learn to deal with it?" you muttered into his chest.
You had to leave. As a witch it was dangerous to even send a letter to Crona, let alone actually visiting like you were now. Dawn was coming to Death City and soon the Academy would be bustling with people, Meisters and Weapons who would hunt for your soul.
But your Crona would never do that. Yes, your Crona. He was your only friend as a child and now you had grown to love him. He was worth risking your safety to see, even if it was only for a few hours.
"I guess I could learn," he murmured back, "just this once." He smiled and kissed the tip of you (h/c) covered head.
It was a year after the defeat of the Keshin. Since then, thanks to you and
:iconredillia-wonderland:Redillia-Wonderland 181 72
She's Pretty | Crona x Reader
You were at DWMA with your meister, Collin. He was a little older than you (Because IDK your age. I'm 13 but you can be older than me). You guys had been going to DWMA for a long time now, you already knew Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Kid, and Patty. You guys were all in class when Professor Stein called Collin and you out.
"Collin, [Y/N] , Soul, and Maka. Lord Death would like to see you"
All heads snapped to you guys. You got up and walked out on your way there Collin had asked you something,
"What do you think he called us for [Y/N]?"
"I don't know maybe a mission or something. Can't be something bad."
You guys finally arrived to see Lord Death when he said,
"Ahh I see you guys have finally arrived."
He had explained what you guys needed to do and where to go. 'Italy' you thought, this should be interesting. You guys finally made it, when Maka said she sensed human souls with a meister and a weapons soul. You guys headed to where it was coming from when you went in yo
:iconnadyaa2569:nadyaa2569 28 53
If Only (Erwin x Reader x Levi) RQ
Commander Erwin sat at his desk, brows furrowed in concentration as he began to work through the large stack of papers before him. Sighing heavily, he massaged his temples with the tips of his long fingers. You thought he looked so tired. You hated to see him that way.
He glanced up as you entered the room and his face broke into an affectionate smile. You padded over to him, and he lifted you in his strong arms and placed you on his lap, holding you close. You snuggled against his warm body, closing your [e/c] eyes contentedly as his fingers ran lightly over your neck and back, trailing through your hair.
You work too much, Erwin.
“I swear I’d go insane without you here, [Name],” he said. “Keep me company until I’ve finished?”
Of course.
You rose from his lap so he could return to his work and made your way to the soft leather couch at the far end of his office. You sat down and closed your eyes once again, yawning widely. So tired<
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 430 152
Clumsy you! [Rivaille/Levi X Reader]
"You again?!?!"
You quickly gave a 90 degree now toward the Lance Corporal Rivaille. You didn't mean to be in his office and be scold by him again, but your clumsiness just handed you over to him.
He stood up from his chair and read the complaint letters about you.
He sighed. "How many times do I have to tell you to watch your steps or even your small actions?"
You stood up straight and started to count in your mind.
"Around 527, sir." You smiled.
You flinched as he slammed the letters on his desk."I told you that many times, how can you always make the same freaking mistake?? IDIOT!"
You wanted to cry. "I'm so sorry..."
He slowly walked toward you. "This time, you accidentally knocked over 4 pots of soup and 6 baskets of bread. Not only that, you soaked the breads with water?"
"I was trying to clean the bread..."
"Don't you know bread will dissolve in water?!?!" He scolded again. "How clumsy and stupid are you?"
You kept apologizing and bowing toward him.
Being in
:iconjarjar0527:jarjar0527 1,308 260
Soul x Reader x DTK x Black*Star Chapter 1
Chapter One: Transfer Student
        Your meister, Tomoyo, and you are walking up the many stairs of the DWMA.
"I won't make it Tomo-chan! Tell my family I love them!" ____ panted as she reached the last step. "Stop being such a drama queen ____, you'll live." Tomoyo replied while rolling her eyes. As soon as they were finally in ground without stairs, they met a boy. He had three white lines on one side of his hair, but aside from that, everything seemed symmetrical. "Such symmetry!" ____ exclaimed, noticing what she said, she put both of her hands over her mouth and smiled nervously while Tomoyo blushed. The boy seemed to have taken an interest in ____, nobody these days payed attention to such things as symmetry!  "My name is Death the Kid, but you can call me Kid,I am Lord Death's son, and I will lead you to my father's office. May I ask your names?" Kid asked kindly, and somewhat shyly. Tomoyo answered before _____ could, "I am T-Tomo
:iconcaro-hime5:Caro-Hime5 84 25
Levi x Chubby Reader
(Name) (Last Name), she's very smart, nice, and pretty, all of her friends loves her but she feels uncomfortable because her family and some random people keep telling her to lose some weight, all because she's chubby, and because of that she hated herself. But all of that changed once she met Levi Ackerman.
One day of school a new student came to (Name)’s classroom “welcome class, we have a new student” said the teacher, then enter a pale, raven haired boy with a stoic face and a pair of beautiful gray eyes “why don’t you present yourself” the boy cross his arms and made a ‘Tch’ sound “My name is Levi, that’s all you need to know, no question, no comments, understood brats?” all the students nodded in fear “alright, why don’t you sit next to...(Name)” said the teacher pointing at the chubby girl, Levi nodded and sat next to her. He looks at her and she does the same, she smiles and waves her hand, he n
:iconangegummywormlover:AngeGummyWormLover 92 25
Levi x Chubby!Reader: Mirror Mirror
A/N: This was a commission from :icontarnisis:. If you do not like it, please tell me and I will re-write it! Anyways, enjoy the fic!
(Y/N) Ackerman had a habit of waking up early. She didn’t get up do chores or clean, although her husband would probably like her more if she did so. The reason she got up early was for no other reason than to look in the mirror and point out everything she hated about herself. That, unfortunately, was basically everything. (Y/N) didn’t understand why someone as fit and handsome as Levi would choose to marry someone as chubby and out of shape as her. Levi didn’t know of her morning routine, and she preferred to keep it that way. (Y/N) knew that he wouldn’t approve of her doing this, but she also knew that he would lie and tell her that she was beautiful. In her mind, (Y/N) was a hideous monster who didn’t deserve to be with such a wonderful man.
Sighing, she swung her legs over the side of the bed. (Y/N) walked over to the m
:iconkavithecrazedfangirl:KaviTheCrazedFangirl 51 10
Only One Night? Levi x Chubby!Reader
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Word Count: 2,322
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes
There may be swearing. (Well, it’s Levi, duh.)
Modern AU!
Maybe suggestive sexual theme? Idk...
I do not own any characters from Attack on Titan they belong to their creators
Author’s Note:
I feel like Levi would never be the type to do a one night stand. (That may be just blind love for him but it is what I think~) So thus this was born.
   ___ slowly got out of the stranger's bed, checking the time on her phone, it was almost the time she had to be home. She cursed quietly before wandering the room, gathering her clothes and putting them on. Being as silent as possible, careful to not wake the stranger from his bed. She saw a notebook on his nightstand, she leaned over and wrote a quick note which read; ‘Last night was amazing, thank you for being gentle. It was my first time. I hope you have a wonderful life!’ She smiled to herself, s
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 277 51
Passive Aggressive /Levi x Chubby!Reader AU/
You stood staring at the door of the classroom trying to gain the courage to walk in. You see, you have never been late to a class before in your life. This was your senior year and this has been the first time you’ve been late, sadly your alarm didn’t ring. Well it rang and you didn’t hear it but still.
“Tch, are you just going to stand in front of that door like an idiot or are going to go in?”
You jumped slightly at the sound of the male voice you heard behind you. You smiled sheepishly.
"Sorry I was gathering the courage to walk in” You defended yourself. The short male looked at you with emotionless eyes and opened the door, shoving you in first and walking in after you.
“There, now you’re inside”
You scowled at him and blushed in embarrassment when you saw the whole class looking at the both of you.
“There you are (y/n) I thought you were absent, please don’t come in late again” Your teacher scolded you a lit
:iconsassy-but-classy:Sassy-but-Classy 134 79
Just some things that I like. The bigger the page number the less I'm addicted to it


Till Death Do Us Part
I LIVE!!!!!!!!! this took forever!!! i didnt know what kind of dresses to make so i had inspiration form a dress for summer weddings. although me and my girlfriend are no longer together i still love her and i cant stop drawing our oc's together, or writing about them together.. shes on my mind constantly..

a cover for a book/series im going to make. might post it on here!!!

i googled yuri kissing base as usual. hope you like the pic!! imma do a swap version!!
68 deviations
22 deviations
have you ever thought of something ( ex; ichigo kurosaki ) and got a nose bleed ?it is possible cuz it happened to me just now while in class . ( i hate math . DAD WHY MUST YOU MAKE  ME SUFFER  SO MUCH ???!!! HUH DAD!?!?!WHY!!??) SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... see you later my precoiuse ( idk how to spell it) lil' heggies! 



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