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Some drawings and stories

( can someone teach me on. How to copy and paste bases onto denviant art muro ( the drawing devision)?? And how to post a story??)


What Happened?|Sixbones x Reader
"Undyne I don't think that's how you-"
"Trust me. I know what I'm doing [y/n]!"
"...okay but you're getting egg shells in the batter.."
"Those are NOT-!"
"Ugh..hold on a sec." Sighing in annoyance, you took off your chef hat and pulled your cell phone out of your pocket. You were surprised to see that the caller ID was Alphys. "Alphys?"
"Huh? Why's she calling you now?" Undyne asked, raising an eyebrow. "I thought she was helping those skele-bros know...what happened to Papyrus."
You nodded solemnly, remembering the day when you and Alphys were talking about anime. Then, all of the sudden, she got a call from Sans, who told her he needed her for something "urgent". It turned out that something made Papyrus ill and that he was in danger of "falling down", which meant dying. Alphys told you and Sans she had an idea but she was unsure if it would work...or if they would be able to bear the consequences. But Sans gravely insisted that
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 117 32
older peter panxreaderxmarshall leexjack frost.Ch1
older peter pan x reader x marshall lee x jack frost. chapter 1. helping  tink and peter.
You were just sitting around in your room reading some fanfics, when your necklace started to glow. (your
necklace is the kiss from wendy besides this has a sonwflake charm and a bass charm. It will tell you more
later in the fanfic ok). which means tink is calling you. (no not like on a cell just that she needs your help in
neverland or she just wants to talk to you and yes you have been to neverland, but never met  Peter). You get
up and go and check to make sure your familys asleep, then go back into your room and close and lock the
door, then fly yes fly out your window. You fly until your in neverland, you look around to see if you can
see tink, you see her on one of the rocks in mermaid lagoon. You fly down and say. "what's up tink". "help
Peter and the boys were kidnaped by hook .... please [y/n] I need your help". She says with tears coming
into her little eyes. "ok I'll help". Y
:iconxreader2001:xreader2001 32 7
Daughter Of The Eclipse (Jack Frost x Reader) 2
I open my eyes, I wasn't in my room but a pure black room, not dark but everything was colored black a soft light glows from a bedside lamp. "W-where am I?". I ask myself. "You're real home". A voice says and I look around my eyes lock with a golden pair of eyes, the man smiles at me and sits next to me.
I didn't fear him like most people would if they woke up in a weird place and a weird guy was watching you the whole time. "Who are you?". I ask confused. "I'm Pitch Black most people know me as the boggy man". He says. "So this is a nightmare?". I ask. "Well in a way yes". He says and brushes hair behind my ear. "You look so much like you're mother". He says smiling sadly.
"Huh?". I ask confused, my mom always sad I looked like my dad who left a long time ago. "The life you're living now is filled with lies you can't trust anyone". Pitch says like he could read my mind. "Who are you to me?". I ask him. "That's for you to learn another time". He says and stands up as the room turns t
:iconxreader2001:xreader2001 63 10
Daughter Of The Eclipse (Jack Frost x Reader) 1
Once Upon A Time, there was two people Pitch Black the man of the shadows and Lady Sun the woman of light. They had never meet before but when the eclipse came it was love at first sight, and from that love a baby came, a little girl named (Y/n), her hair was lovely blonde at day time but once night came it was pure black like the night. Her eyes were pure golden like the sun.
But she couldn't stay with her family because the eclipse only happens rarely and Pitch had to leave and her mother couldn't raise her on her own, so she send (Y/n) down to earth to live with a family there, this family took her in and she became (Y/n) (Middle Name) Bennett, the younger sister to Jamie and Sophie Bennett.
----Present Time + Readers P.O.V.-----
I awake to the sun pouring into my room, I sigh and force myself out of the warmth of my blankets and onto the cold floor. "(Y/n) hurry we have to go visit you're brother today!". Mom yells upstairs. "On it!". I say and swing my closet door open and grab so
:iconxreader2001:xreader2001 83 1
Epheos: Wings And Halos by Chibi-Works Epheos: Wings And Halos :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 401 23 Another Epheos by Chibi-Works Another Epheos :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 179 19 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 323 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 323 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 540 125 i eat pasta for breakfast pg.322 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg.322 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 540 127
SonAmy: Werehog's Roommate ch.19
Spending Some Time
The next day at College, Sticks was showing her roommate Blaze her talent, “Trust me. Wendigos are very clever to lure their victims by voice mimicry. Well, most wendigos have that. But I don’t do that to lure victims” Sticks said.
"Okay show me" Blaze said.
Sticks then began speak like an old man in danger, "HELP! I need some help!" Sticks pretended to be the old man in danger while Blaze watched.
"Wow. Amazing" Blaze said.
“Yup. Took lots of practice as a kid” Sticks said in normal voice, “What about you? Can mummies curse victims? Cast curses of 10 plagues?”
“Sort of. Last year when Shadow got very cranky I had to quickly turn water into blood with my mummy curse powers” Blaze said, “Which worked to calm him down”
"Damn. But no frogs appeared around?" Sticks guessed.
"Nope. But toads" Blaze said.
“Oh. And what makes you angry? Being called pussy cat or kitty cat?” Sticks
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 11 1
SonAmy: Werehog's Roommate ch.18
Tickets to Bloodway
Nebula was getting her morning food in the cafeteria. But showed some nervousness that the vampires are a little close to her. She gets scared if they see that she has a reflection. "Okay okay don't panic" Nebula said quietly to herself and took some pancakes.
“Oh, what’s wrong, Dhampir? Can’t be like one of us?” a male human vampire laughed.
“Yeah, she’s got a reflection that freaks us out!” a female cat vampire said.
Nebula dropped her tray of food, feeling so humiliated and her body froze up. Shadow saw the whole thing and got angry at the bully vampires, "You should be ashamed for bullying a dhampir like that!" Shadow snapped. Nebula was still frozen up by humiliation and ended up tumbling over, but Shadow caught her.
“Oh, look. She’s frozen like a statue” the vampire dog laughed.
"Shut up!" Shadow backhands him and knocked out one of his fangs.
"OW!" The vampire dog screamed.
Shadow hi
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 11 3
i eat past for breakfast pg.321 by Chibi-Works i eat past for breakfast pg.321 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 622 169 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 320 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 320 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 527 118 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 319 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 319 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 456 66
SonAmy: Werehog's Roommate ch.16
Brains Are Bad For Silver
Today at Botany class, the study of plant life. Well, for monsters, it’s the study of vicious monster plants.
"Alright class. Be careful to not allow these monster plants to devour your fingers or hands. Just try to be gentle with them so they feel comfortable" a green human-like monster plant said.
“Uhh….how can we tell if this monster flytrap is friendly, Mr. McFlytrap?” Silver asked nervously.
“That’s a secret, Mr. Silver” McFlytrap said.
That was until the monstrous flytrap grabbed Silver’s detached arm with its mouth.
“Ow! Hey, give me back my arm!” Silver growled at the plant beast but it didn’t obey, “Drop it!” Silver said but it still didn’t obey, “Okay, if my arm scratches your throat, you’ll be an undead…..plant zombie” he chuckled darkly.
That got the monstrous flytrap to spit Silver’s detached arm, “Thank you
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 11 11
i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 318 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 318 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 541 89 fight base by Star4Base fight base :iconstar4base:Star4Base 2,116 310
Just some things that I like. The bigger the page number the less I'm addicted to it


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have you ever thought of something ( ex; ichigo kurosaki ) and got a nose bleed ?it is possible cuz it happened to me just now while in class . ( i hate math . DAD WHY MUST YOU MAKE  ME SUFFER  SO MUCH ???!!! HUH DAD!?!?!WHY!!??) SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... see you later my precoiuse ( idk how to spell it) lil' heggies! 



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