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Crystal shy by Amanda-the-hegehog Crystal shy :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 0 Thank by Amanda-the-hegehog Thank :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 4 1 genderbent Garra by Amanda-the-hegehog genderbent Garra :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 0 Base!! here you go by Amanda-the-hegehog Base!! here you go :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 2 2 and Insane Laughter by Amanda-the-hegehog and Insane Laughter :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 3 0 Traver!! I Ship It!!! by Amanda-the-hegehog Traver!! I Ship It!!! :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 2 0 Itty Bittie Sheet Number 1 by Amanda-the-hegehog Itty Bittie Sheet Number 1 :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 4 0 No Matter Where One Goes, We Shall Find Each Other by Amanda-the-hegehog No Matter Where One Goes, We Shall Find Each Other :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 0 Standing in the hall of fame by Amanda-the-hegehog Standing in the hall of fame :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 0 Lets Be Rockstars Babe by Amanda-the-hegehog Lets Be Rockstars Babe :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 0 genderbent!! (naty x adam) Nadam by Amanda-the-hegehog genderbent!! (naty x adam) Nadam :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 0 0 amanda and fem! G!s by Amanda-the-hegehog amanda and fem! G!s :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 1 2 Lets Just Hangout!! by Amanda-the-hegehog Lets Just Hangout!! :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 2 6 Lets Just Hangout!! (WIP) by Amanda-the-hegehog Lets Just Hangout!! (WIP) :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 2 2 (WIP) say hi bella by Amanda-the-hegehog (WIP) say hi bella :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 0 0 Suprise!! by Amanda-the-hegehog Suprise!! :iconamanda-the-hegehog:Amanda-the-hegehog 3 0
Some drawings and stories

( can someone teach me on. How to copy and paste bases onto denviant art muro ( the drawing devision)?? And how to post a story??)


i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 332 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 332 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 609 122 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 331 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 331 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 397 56 Sapphire got the legg| Speedpaint ftspecial musicc by KitsuneZakuro Sapphire got the legg| Speedpaint ftspecial musicc :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 889 78
AU!SnK!Various X Reader~ Ringtones(CRACK)
AU!SnK!Various X Reader~ Ringtones
    If the Attack on Titan guys had ringtones, what would they be?
    "Hey Eren!" You yelled to particular brunette who was walking out of the college complex. In your hand was a women's basketball, able to fit in your small hands perfectly. "How was your day at school?"
    Eren shoved his hands into his pockets and growled, "Horrible, [Y/N]! I don't get how you graduated this college with all of this work."
    You smirked, and passed the basketball to him. "I didn't mean the schoolwork, I know who."
    He became a blushing mess, and attempted to cover it up, "I don't like that professor- I mean she's hot, but still!" He stormed off to the basketball court, leaving my smirk to travel farther up my face.
    "You love her~" You sang, chasing after him. "Come on! As your sister, I know the signs of love!"
    "Will you just shut
:iconsheerpoint:Sheerpoint 415 164
veritas ( actor!au ) | levi
“i’m going to beat the shit out of you now, okay?”
the words are spoken as levi crouches before eren, arms wrapping around the other. the brunet simply lets out a hearty laugh, shaking his head at the strange gesture.
this is your job.
oddly, for such a morbid show, the cast is pretty lighthearted-- levi included. he’s nothing at all like his character. rather than seeming indifferent to everyone, he’s probably one of the nicest people you’ve met.
weird, right?
it seems so out of character-- except it’s really not. that’s just the real levi.
roseate lips curl into a faint smile as he stands up once more, the content expression fading, immediately replaced with a stoic one. posture straightening, he clears his throat before inhaling deeply, waiting for the scene to begin.
boots click against the floor as you notice the way levi’s body tenses, the distance between him and the other man closing. things are going well so far; no one is
:iconciiren:ciiren 487 43
i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 330 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 330 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 473 74
Allow Me {Levi x Uke!Male!Reader} Drabble
{Warning: A little bit of lime. Doesn't go too much in depth though, so I'm fine, you're fine, we all fine :} }
The well-known and highly respected Lance Corporal Levi, woke up to a strange tingling sensation on his neck. Dark luscious lashes fluttering, his eyelids lifted to reveal that was in his comfortable bed, with the sheets slightly ruffled as another figure shifted atop his body.
"Mm, good morning, Corporal," it was the voice of [Male Name], a cadet Levi had taken quite a keen interest in. The short corporal didn't know if it was the younger male's body, charm, or perhaps both, that made him feel so attached to [Male Name].
"What are you doing, brat?" Levi's voice, coarse from just having woken up, rang in the cadet's ears. His gentle kisses and sucks on his superior's neck had not ceased; his lips now moving to his earlobe to play with.
"I'm getting revenge," [Male Name] responded simply as his hands began to feel Levi's taut muscles, fingertips occasionally dipping dow
:iconveroniquea08:VeroniqueA08 287 59
Daddy!Levi x Daddy!Male!Reader: Mornings
"Oi! Get the hell up!"
I groaned glaring up at Levi as I now resigned on the floor rubbing my head, "Get the kids ready." He snapped, I opened my mouth to protest when he added, "I've done it for the whole fucking week."
"Fine." Standing up I left our room and as quietly as I could I walked down the hall and into our children's room, "Hey guys time to wake up."
Sighing I slightly pouted flicking the light on I moved towards Eren's bed placing a hand on his shoulder I shook it lightly when I was attacked from behind.
"Boo! I've got cha Daddy!"
"Hey! How long have you been up-"
Once again two other little figures came latching onto me, "We don't want to go to school Daddy!"
"B-but schools good for you and uh … come on let go so we can get dress."
They all pouted as I started to fish out clothes for them, out of the corner of my eye I could see Eren telling mikasa and Armin something as they nodded.
Shrugging I turned hand full of clothes as
:iconpurpleguysback:PurpleGuysback 166 9
Adoration || Levi Ackerman x Male!Reader
Many people can't understand how someone can love someone from the same gender.
Many people can't understand how someone can love a person that is twice as old as themselves.
Many people can't understand how someone can be in love with a person that is twice as young as themselves.
But I did.
I loved him; the at least 30 years old man from the house a few blocks away.
No one knew, no one ever would, not even him. That was at least what I had hoped.
It had started out small with an encounter after throwing up my lunch in front of the apartment complex he was living in.
I've tried to hold it down but I was sweating – it was summer – and tired and as I've tried to force it back down my throat and not letting it out of my mouth by pressing my hand firmly on my mouth, it just broke through my lips and fingers and landed right on the ground in front of me, some of the yellowish vomit landed even on my shoes, even my shirt was a mess.
The reason why I had been throwing up?
I've be
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 276 35
Levi x Male!Reader x Various ||Cuteness|| AU
Levi x Male!Reader x Various ||Cuteness|| AU
A/n: Drabble and one-shot, slight crack(?) I guess (⌒-⌒; )
"Y/n-Kun! Y/n-Kun!" You turn your head to see you friend, Sasha. "Yes, Sasha?" "Can I try some of your Food?!!" You were currently at the mall with some of your friends. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Marco, Connie, Sasha, Christa, Ymir, Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt, Hanji, Erwin, and of course… your boyfriend, Levi Ackerman. No one knew that though.Not yet "Hm? Oh, uh... Yeah, sure." you say with a warm smile and pass your tray over to her."Y/N-KUN YOU'RE SO NICE!" You smile and nod, you were all eating in the food court. "So! Y/n-Kun! How do you get your skin so smooth~!?" Hanji asks you while placing her head in her hands. "It's so beautiful! You look like a doll that will break, even by the softest touch!" You blush at the wild and hyper scientist. "U-uh... I don't know?" You said as a question more than a statement. She stands up and leans over the tab
:iconcreepypastachick00:Creepypastachick00 833 145
i eat pasta for breakfast pg.329 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg.329 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 484 112 i eat past for breakfast pg. 328 by Chibi-Works i eat past for breakfast pg. 328 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 400 13
Head and Shoulders [Daddy!LevixMommyReader AU]
You and your daughter Mikasa are waiting patiently at the airport for your husband. Levi had been on a very important business trip and was coming home today. You were excited that he was coming home. Three weeks seemed like forever and the more that the days passed without him, the more antagonizing the wait was.
"Mommy, is daddy here yet"? Your four year old asked tugging on the hem of your sun dress.
"No baby. Not yet." 
"Oh...Mommy, you're getting fat." Mikasa said looking up at your belly. You gave her stank face and tried to smile at her bluntness. ' *sigh* Just like her father...' You thought. You and Levi were expecting and decided not to tell Mikasa that she was going to be a big sister soon. But there was another reason why you couldn't wait until he got home. 
"Here baby girl. Why don't you draw daddy a picture? I think he
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 279 58
A Father's Blessing [Daddy!LevixMommy!Reader AU]
'She's coming back home!' 
   'I can't wait to see her!' 
     'I should make her favorite dessert' 
The raven-haired man slipped between his children who were scrubbing away at the walls. Mikasa was coming home for summer vacation and of course, the house had to be perfect! Levi was ecstatic to hear that his precious baby girl was coming home, although he didn't show it. But you knew how frantic he was. He'd been piling on chores on your sets of twins since she called the week before she got out. It's been three years already and she was going to be a senior starting in August. The thought of your oldest baby finally leaving the nest bought tears of joy to your eyes and also the sudden realization that you and Levi were beginning to be 'well seasoned'. You were starting to get gray hairs and dying them was out of the question. But in order to keep your 'Awesome Mom' title ( which you received from your kids friends) you had to step it up. You we
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 231 28
Mature content
Rollercoasters (LevixReader AU) :iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 65 12
 What do you want to be for Halloween?? 
October 23, 2003 
"Hey Levi? What are you going to be for Halloween?" You ask while trying desperately to color your picture inside the lines. 
"Mmm...I don't know yet. I wanted to be a ninja but my mommy said that I'll look more like a Batman."
"You should be a ninja." 
"What do you want to be for Halloween [Name]?" 
"Hmm.... I'm tired of dressing up as a princess...HEY! Maybe we could be ninja's together. And we can ninja jump rooftop to rooftop with giant bags of candy- pass the purple  crayon please?" 
Levi smiled at your wild imagination ,but in the eyes of a six year old, majority of the  wildest things they imagine can come true. 
"Hi [Name] and Levi...can me and Hanji sit with you?" The ginger haired girl from the playground asked, with her natural beet red baby blush  on her cheeks. 
"Yeah! You can sit with me and Levi! Levi share your crayons." You exclaim
:iconlevisbooty:Levisbooty 42 16
Just some things that I like. The bigger the page number the less I'm addicted to it


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have you ever thought of something ( ex; ichigo kurosaki ) and got a nose bleed ?it is possible cuz it happened to me just now while in class . ( i hate math . DAD WHY MUST YOU MAKE  ME SUFFER  SO MUCH ???!!! HUH DAD!?!?!WHY!!??) SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... see you later my precoiuse ( idk how to spell it) lil' heggies! 



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